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Holiday at Navarre Beach

You enjoy the holidays but you’re tired of what comes along with it; sleet, snow, the cold. You’ve done it repeatedly. Why not enjoy the holidays, but skip the rest? When you’re ready for a great holiday season remember the best place to get your sun and fun, Navarre Beach Camping Resort.

Santa time

You, and especially your kids, need a bit of a holiday fix. No problem, just spend some time on the weekends in December visiting Santa at Harborwalk Village from 12 to 4. All guests get a treat and kids can share their list with Santa. Even better, its free.

What to Zoo, What to Zoo

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is open all year so this is a great time to visit. Temperatures in the winter range between 55 to 72 degrees so at worst you’d need a light jacket. If you’re from a much colder clime, not even that. All the great fun that you normally have at the zoo is available, but from the 15th until Christmas you can visit at night and catch the Zoo Lights! The zoo will be lit up with thousands of sparkling holiday lights.


Let’s face it. When you think of Florida and Navarre Beach you’re thinking of swimming in the Gulf. That is certainly possible in the winter. While the water is going to be colder than summer, it is still doable. Gulf waters are warmer than Atlantic waters by about five degrees. You probably won’t want to spend too much time in the water, depending on the day.

About Navarre Beach Camping Resort

Boasting a Certificate of Excellence and located on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast, Navarre Beach Camping Resort has a great number of options for guests. You’ll find that it also offers amenities such as upgraded free high-speed Wi-Fi, a fitness center, dog walk, and much more. Make a reservation at

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