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Pensacola and Navarre Beach Camping

When you’re thinking about the visiting the gorgeous Florida Gulf Coast, you know that you can’t do better than visiting the Navarre Beach Camping Resort. You know we feature waterfront sites, shaded paved roads, a hot tub, and a heated pool amongst a number of other amenities. You know we’re located near Pensacola, but you may not know much about Pensacola itself.

Pensacola Bay

Pensacola Bay was called Panzacola, hairy people, by the Native Americans. The Spanish later built settlements in the area, most specifically Presidio San Miguel De Panzacola. In 1757 the name was changed, by royal decree, to Panzacola. It was here that the first Catholic Mass in the United States was held. The cross you’ve seen on Santa Rosa Island is there to commemorate that first Catholic Mass

The Trolley System

During the late 19th and early 20th century the best way to get around Pensacola was the trolley system. It was founded by a German immigrant, Conrad Kupfrian. His inspiration came from the horse cars he found in St. Louis. A trolley ride would only set you back a nickel, which today would work out to be $1.50. The trolley cars carried an average of four million people in a year during their peak operation.

Perdido River

The Perdido River may be the boundary for Florida today, but it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, the border of Florida used to stretch all the way to the Port of New Orleans on the Mississippi River. Back then, Pensacola served as the capital for Florida.

About Navarre Beach Camping Resort

Navarre Beach Camping Resort is located on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. In addition to that, it also boasts a Certificate of Excellence. You’ll find that – it also offers amenities such as upgraded, free, high-speed Wi-Fi, dog walk, and much more.