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Winter at Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is a beautiful place. If you’ve ever stayed at the Navarre Beach Camping Resort, you know this quite well. The only problem is that it can get a little chilly, even in winter. Winter in January is going to be about 60 degrees. Now, that’s far warmer than many places in the frozen north, but it isn’t usually the kind of weather that suggests sun tanning on the beach or swimming. So aside from it being not cold, what else does Navarre Beach have to offer?

On the Beach

Now, it may seem odd to suggest spending time at the beach, especially when it was mentioned that you probably don’t want to sunbathe or swim, but keep an open mind. There’s more to do at the beach than just swimming and sunbathing. How about fishing? Fish still have to eat, which means they’re still going to be biting. So if you’d like to fish, this is still a great time. Or forget the fish, the beach and the sun are still beautiful and you’ll see that in the photographs. Why not set up a photography session for your family on the beach?

Away from the Beach

You can certainly spend time outdoors, but not be at the beach. Maybe its just too painful to see all the sandy beaches and amazing surf without actually getting in the water. In that case, just go on down to the Gulf Breeze Zoo and check out some of the animals that call it home. Milton, just a short distance away offers the largest zipline course in Northwest Florida.

About Navarre Beach Camping Resort

Navarre Beach Camping Resort is located on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. In addition to that, it also boasts a Certificate of Excellence. You’ll find that – it also offers amenities such as upgraded, free, high-speed Wi-Fi, dog walk, and much more.