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Navarre Beach Pier

When you’re spending your time in the Navarre area, you’re going to spend time at the beach. After all, why come to the beach and not go to the beach? Certainly, that’s why you chose the Navarre Beach Camping Resort as the place to stay.

With access to the beach and a top rating you know you’ll have a great time. One of the things you’ve undoubtedly seen is the great Navarre Beach Pier, but what do you know about it?

Piering Through Time

The Navarre Beach Pier got its start in 1974. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing day with your family, or a great spot to get away from family and do some serious fishing. Back when it was built in was an impressive 1,450 feet, but since then its grown to 1,545 feet. This marvel has survived 4 major hurricanes since the mid-1990s.

Changes to the Navarre Pier

That’s not to say that it was unscathed. In 1995 the “T” section was destroyed by Hurricane Opal. Ivan and Dennis did their fair share of damage as well. The newly constructed pier opened in 2010 and is sturdier and more resilient.

It even has some environmentally beneficial features built into it, such as low wattage bulbs and concrete bollards designed to protect sea turtles that nest around the pier. The local officials also try to protect other forms of wildlife that find the area to be a haven.

About Navarre Beach Camping Resort

Navarre Beach Camping Resort is located on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. In addition to that, it also boasts a Certificate of Excellence. You’ll find that – it also offers amenities such as upgraded, free, high-speed Wi-Fi, dog walk, and much more.